Innovation by SaunaMed

SaunaMed has established an excellent reputation. Competent advice, consistent research and continued development as well as premium quality are just some of the building blocks for our success. Experts claim that SaunaMed infrared technology is among the most efficient and, above all, most effective the world over.


The SaunaMed health and beauty development provides all the conventional benefits of a sauna and more through lower temperature sun-simulating technology.


The SaunaMed range has been commended for its ease of construction and variety of models available.


  • Born out of the factory that was the first to manufacture IR therapy units on a large scale over 25 years ago.
  • The first trusted sauna brand to be using FSC certified wood.
  • The primary brand in the UK to be approved and used by medical professionals.


The health benefits of regular sauna use are the main reasons why people are installing home saunas in record numbers. Almost any size of home can accommodate our range of saunas.

DuraWave™ Infrared Technology

DuraWave™ Infrared Heaters are made from 100% pure ceramic and include no chemicals or toxins.

Regular clinical tests demonstrate that DuraWave™ infrared heaters produce far-infrared rays close to perfection to work with the natural harmony of the human body resulting in increased health benefits.

Solid State Electronics

The SaunaMed manufacturing process uses components which are all solid state with no moving parts, making the SaunaMed system an extremely robust and reliable one.

Factory Testing

Each SaunaMed sauna is thoroughly tested at the factory to ensure that it is fully functional. It has been shown that the electrical components in a SaunaMed sauna have an extremely low failure rate meaning your sauna is always ready to perform when you want to relax and detoxify. For example, the DuraWave™ heaters have a failure rate of less than 0.01%. In fact, each SaunaMed sauna is manufactured to a standard to meet both residential and commercial demands.


Because of the precision and quality of the parts used in the manufacturing process, SaunaMed saunas are recognized for their durability.

World Class Safety Standards

In addition to quality and innovation, our commitment to safety is unparalleled in the industry. With strict quality control measures in place you can be assured all of our saunas are electrically certified to meet and surpass stringent safety standards and are regularly inspected by an independent authority.