sauna range

All of our infrared saunas are carefully hand crafted and fully tested.


SaunaMed infrared saunas are manufactured from either the finest grade Non-allergenic / Non-toxic Canadian Hemlock or Pine or hand selected finest grade A+ Canadian Red Cedar. SaunaMed infrared saunas are built with a solid tongue-and-groove construction. Thick tempered safety glass is used for heat retention within the sauna to help provide the best infrared therapy conditions.


SaunaMed sauna kits are compact, easy to assemble, they take only a few minutes to heat, plug into a standard household electrical socket and stand off the floor on 4 legs and therefore won't damage your flooring. Also do not forget our saunas pass strict quality management certifications and have a wide range of accessories.


All our infrared saunas are classed as far infrared saunas and use DuraWave™ technology which is the most beneficial infrared therapy for your health. We use a double cladded wall section which has a cavity to help retain the heat in your infrared sauna and provides the best conditions. Also this insulation helps keep the running costs of a SaunaMed Sauna lower than similar saunas on the market. All wall sections use an ‘EZ’ lock system and are made to fit together precisely which makes our saunas very rigid and of a solid construction.


We use 100% solid Hemlock , Pine or Cedar wood. The solid wood frame is built to last and is healthier for you than plywood frames, which emit toxic fumes when heated.


We pride ourselves in our effort to keep things simple. As our items are packed flat, they are transported and moved around the home easily. All of our items are easily assembled and include clear simple instructions.